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Apostolic Strategic
Planning School


If you are ready to take your ministry, business or other organization to another level or if you are just getting started and need a game plan, then this school is for you. Pastor Jeff McCracken walks you through “The Apostolic Strategic Planning Process” designed by Paul Manwaring. This utilizes video teaching, live teaching and live activities with flow charts and worksheets that are utilized by you, your team and God as you hear His voice. You will walk away from this class with a vision statement, mission statement and steps to move forward. This school takes about one and a half days or can be done in sessions over the period of several weeks.

Class sessions include:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Strategic Planning

  • Session 2: Change Management in our Apostolic World

  • Ten Workshop Sessions will walk you through discovering the strengths, weaknesses, vision and mission of your organization. You will also be led by the Lord in creating specific steps in how to move forward.

Cost of this school is $100 per organization and can be attended by up to 5 leaders from your organization.

Please contact Rainier Assembly of God about pricing and availability for having this school taught at your location (church, business, etc.).

“A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out." (Proverbs 20:5 NAS)

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