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Kingdom School of Business

Kingdom School of Business

is it? 

The Kingdom School of Business has multiple goals and multiple avenues to accomplish those goals.

Goals: To empower, encourage and educate Business Leaders, Managers and potential Entrepreneurs in merging the Kingdom of God with Business.

Kingdom Business School

God is working in and through businesses, business managers and business owners to advance the Kingdom, finance the Kingdom and launch others in their work with the Lord and in Business.

Some of the different ways that the Kingdom School of Business will accomplish these goals are:

  • Local and regional Entrepreneur Schools where potential business leaders will bring their ideas to a multi-day event that will result with the leader being educated, coached and walk away with a plan of advancement.

  • Regional “Shark Tank” opportunities.

  • Bringing in regional, national and international business leaders to train, educate and encourage business leaders in their partnering of Business and the Kingdom.

These schools will be hosted

by Pastor Jeff McCracken,

who not only has a profound

ministry background but has

also worked as a Purchasing

Agent, Safety Coordinator,

Salesman, Business

Administrator and Business

Owner with some of the largest corporations in the US as well as local companies. Jeff is still called upon as a consultant in the business realm.

Jeff & RoxAnne
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