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Lower Columbia Healing Rooms

Who We Are

The Lower Columbia Healing Rooms (LCHR) are located inside Roar NW Church and are open every Tuesday night at 7 PM (weather and holidays permitting). There is no charge for this ministry and it is not a church service.
LCHR is set up very much like a doctor's office. When you enter the foyer, there is a receptionist that has people fill out a simple form explaining their need. The form is given to a prayer team (usually 3 people) in a room that prays over it before inviting the guest in to receive ministry.
During the ministry time, guests are invited to sit down or stand, whatever their preference is. The guest can also have someone accompany them into the room. Then the team, begins to pray for the guest's needs. This usually takes around 10-15 minutes. This is NOT a counseling session but LCHR can make referrals to great counselors and deliverance ministries.
LCHR offers Healing Training at least once a year and is totally free. This training can be used for a person to take back to their church, use on the street or join LCHR. Even though LCHR meets at a local church, the goal is not to be made up of a single church but to be a ministry made up of many churches. LCHR is Kingdom minded.
LCHR has teams that are available to come to homes by appointment to give ministry and teams are available to minister in churches and other functions.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Be blessed!

Contact Us


Erma Monroe  

Street Address:
 Lower Columbia Healing Rooms
 75950 Rockcrest St
 Rainier, OR 97048 USA

Contact Information:
 Telephone: 503-556-8211



Tuesday's, 7pm-9pm excluding holidays

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