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Kingdom School of Government

In this day and age, we need Godly leaders in government at all levels. Not the old school “religious” practitioners that were alienated because of their legalism and became less influential as time went on. Instead, we need wise, Kingdom-minded leaders that can bring influence and change to our culture through local, state and federal government. The Kingdom School of Government has a goal of empowering, educating, empowering and assisting men and women that have a goal of bringing the Kingdom of God into government.

This school is for those that are interested in any level of government from school board to federal office. The wisdom of God is needed at all of these levels for the politician personally as well as for them professionally.

This school will utilize experts from different realms including economics, law, etc. in order to provide the potential candidate or the current leader Godly wisdom in these areas and more. If you are interested in this school, please contact Roar NW.

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