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Prophet Sharing 2021

Prophet Sharing 2021


Turbulence and fear have gripped millions of people worldwide. But God is realigning His people to hear what the Spirit is speaking, so we may walk in authority, power, and love, providing answers that give hope amidst despair.
The Lord always has a plan to enable believers not to simply survive but thrive!
Ten prophetic voices, well-known and respected in their communities, have sought the Lord for insight about the coming year. Their words in this book have been written prayerfully and they submit them for consideration, fully aware that “we know in part, and we prophesy in part” (1 Corinthians 13:9). In the tapestry of their various revelations, the counsel of God for the coming season can be seen more clearly.
In this book, you will find encouragement, revelation, and clear wisdom regarding topics such as:
•What can we expect to see on the world stage in 2021 and beyond?
•How are the promises of God fulfilled through us and our generations?
•How can we shut out the “noise clutter” of ungodly media and hear the Lord clearly?
•What does Joshua’s ancient encounter with “the Commander of the Lord’s army” mean for us in this time?
•Is there a “Global Reset” coming, and what will it look like?
And much more.

Prophet Sharing 2021: Ten prophetic voices. One mighty God!

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