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When Heaven Invades Earth

When Heaven Invades Earth


As a practical guide to stepping into an incredible life of miracles this journal will help you apply the power truths of When Heaven Invades Earth as you read it. It is also a great small group study guide as you gather with other who want to walk in the supernatural power of God.

Either way, Bill Johnson's When Heaven Invades Earth becomes alive through the use of this study journal. Starting with the foundations laid by the author, it constructs a framework to release the miraculous through 40 days of practical prayers and meditations. If focuses on walking in the divine as a lifestyle, shaping one's attitudes and worldview.

Challenge yourself to make a 40-day commitment to:

  • Widen your understanding of the miraculous.
  • Embrace the attitudes and mind-sets that propagate miracles.
  • Engage your spirit to invade earth with Heaven's principles.

Start today and see the tangible power of God come alive in your life!

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